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When you come to The Darby Law Firm, you have a collections lawyer in Montgomery, AL who knows exactly which steps to take in order to get what is owed. In most instances, defendants are willing to settle out of court, thus making the process of debt collection much easier and far less time consuming. More companies depend on us as their commercial collection attorney than any other law firm around.

Our clients trust us because we know what it takes to be a good collection lawyer. You have to take every measure possible to reclaim your client’s money, while also adhering to all legal responsibilities associated with being a business owner. Together, we will explore all options, and we will help you decide the best possible course of action to quickly collect your debts. It is no surprise that we are widely considered the top debt collection attorney in the region.

What truly puts us a step ahead of other debt collectors are the results we get for our clients. Other firms will gladly take your money, but seldom want to work for it. We are different. Our goal is to make you the priority that you deserve to be. We will not put you on hold for a higher paying client. Every customer is precious to us, and we go out of our way to make sure they know that.

Skip the lawyers who are only interested in taking your hard-earned money, and instead go with the law firm that will fight tooth and nail for your business. Get started on the road to settling past due accounts by calling us now.

Evictions are never easy, but with our assistance we can help you move quickly.

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